Friday, April 30, 2010

New Non-Fiction Audiobooks

This Book Is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All
Marilyn Johnson

Make way for the librarians! They want to help. They're not selling a thing. And librarians know best how to beat a path through the googolplex sources of information available to us, writes Marilyn Johnson, whose previous book, The Dead Beat, breathed merry life into the obituary-writing profession.

Mosab Hassan Yousef

The oldest son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founding member of Hamas, reveals new information about the world's most dangerous terrorist organization, unveils the truth about his own role in the organization, and explains his dangerous decision to make his newfound Christian faith public.

Making Toast: A Family Story
Roger Rosenblatt

When his daughter, Amy, died suddenly of a heart condition, Roger Rosenblatt and his wife moved in with their son-in-law and their three young grandchildren. His story tells how a family makes the possible out of the impossible.

The Politician: An Insider's Account of John Edwards's Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal That Brought Him Down
Andrew Young

The underside of modern American politics---raw ambition, manipulation, and deception---are revealed in detail by Andrew Young's riveting account of a presidential hopeful's meteoric rise and scandalous fall.

Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury from 2006 until 2009 and former CEO of Goldman Sachs, provides an insider's account of the race to save the world's financial institutions from certain disaster.

Mit Romney

Recent presidential candidate and Massachusetts governor Romney charts a dramatic new course to confront the most critical issues facing America.

David Rosa

Heartfelt, inspiring, and sometimes funny, Making the Rounds with Oscar allows us into a world we rarely see as a doctor looks at family and companionship through the life lessons of the elderly and one remarkable cat.

Rebecca Skloot

From a single, abbreviated life grew a seemingly immortal line of cells that made some of the most crucial innovations in modern science possible. And from that same life, and those cells, Rebecca Skloot has fashioned in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks a fascinating and moving story of medicine and family, of how life is sustained in laboratories and in memory.

John Heilemann and Mark Halperin

Based on hundreds of interviews with the people who lived the story, "Game Change" is a reportorial tour de force that reads like a fast-paced novel. Character driven and dialogue rich, replete with extravagantly detailed scenes, this is the occasionally shocking, often hilarious, ultimately definitive account of the campaign of a lifetime.

Lynn Barber

A poignant, shockingly candid account of the stages in a literary life, this is a classic of English memoir and the full story behind the authors article that inspired the award-winning motion picture that has been nominated in three categories for an Academy Award.

Karl Rove

Karl Rove, the architect of George W. Bush's presidency, recounts his controversial journey through Republican politics and into the White House.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome to New @ MPL!

Hi, and welcome to Monroeville Public Library's brand new blog! We'll be updating frequently with helpful (and trustworthy) websites, awesome programming announcements, and lists of all the just-released DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, and more. All items are linked to our catalog, so if you see something you like, just click on the link to reserve it.

Be sure to check back soon!